My branding design process

Communicating with you the behind-the-scenes of the creative process offers a good look into how much work goes into a visual identity creation. Below is a step by step walkthrough showing the process of working with me on a branding design project for your business.

I treat every client as an individual, to make sure we are on the same page and your branding represents perfectly your business and its values. At the end of the day your are the one who knows your business and market best.

My goal: create a brand that will be one long lasting investment for your business.

Step 1.
Meeting and questionnaire

You contact me and you are interested in working with me. If you are based in Perth, we organise a face-to-face strategy session. If you are overseas, we can set-up a phone call. It’s very important to have this direct communication (other than email) because it will help me to know you and your business better. During our meeting we will talk about your business, I’ll explain you the process of working with me and I will determine with you the scope and timeline.

Once the meeting is finished, I’ll follow-up with an email including:
> The quote and my T&C’s to sign-up
> The invoice for a 50% deposit before starting the work.

Once this is done, you are booked and I’ll send you a questionnaire that will be used as the “creative brief”: it will help me to gather information about your company background, audience, competition, message & strategy, design and inspiration that you might have in mind.

Step 2.
Research & creative concept design

It’s time to think and create. I research, understand the brief, your business, your market and the design strategy that goes into it. I process everything and I come up with creative ideas. For the concepts to grow, I need a few business days to put the first presentation together with the 2+ logo concept propositions. Once it’s ready, I send you the first presentation and we can organise a phone call. This way I can explain you the rationales behind the work.

Step 3.

Following your feedback and our discussion, I finalise the logo and branding. Some clients are happy with the first presentation of logo propositions and don’t want any changes. Sometimes they want to rework the colours, fonts or elements into it. We work together on 2+ revisions to finalise the logo. Once approved, I develop and prepare the brand guideline which includes branding and graphic elements such as submark, colour palette, font, imagery, etc.

What is a brand guideline?

It is a document that helps maintain consistency by demonstrating what a brand looks and feels like. Using one ensures that your brand is consistent, even when you have different people working on marketing, design and sales. These guidelines typically include basic information such as: logo & submark usage, colour palette, typography style, imagery/photography style and layout application (for example on business cards and other marketing materials).

Step 4.
Collateral design

I apply the newly designed branding identity onto stationery included in your branding package or other relevant marketing materials discussed together.

Step 5.
Final meeting session & Launch

Once everything is approved and the final invoice is fully paid, we organise a final meeting: you receive a digital folder with various files for web and print included in the branding package. I go through all the files you can find in the folder and show you how to use them. I will also send all this information via email, that way you have everything in writing.

You are now ready to launch your newly designed branding!


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