About Moi 

Bonjour, I’m Morgane, an art director, graphic designer & illustrator based in Perth, Western Australia.

After I studied in Paris 10 years ago, I have been working and travelling in multiples country in Europe, Asia and Australia which fuelled my creativity and developed my wide understanding of design and art culture.

I am a brand designer who loves to use my skill in illustration bringing a certain human quality and personal touch to my designs.

My super power is to listen to my clients, understanding their vision and making them reality. I work as a creative partner  and put all my love and passion into creating the perfect branding for their business. Communication is really key and I always make sure they are part of every step in the creative process.


Photography: ©paulinegoyard.com

What fuels my soul:

∼ Being surrounded by passionate and driven people

∼ Travelling and finding inspiration in the real world

∼ Organic shapes, colours and ethnic designs

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