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Formation Rédaction Web

Formation Rédaction Web (FRW) is a French-owned business offering copywriting courses specialising in writing for the web and SEO.


Formation Rédaction Web


Visual Identity, Illustration



Lucie Rondelet had been running her business for over 5 years when she contacted me, and she was excited to start working on a new brand identity to really step up her business.

Lucie has a team of 10+ people, which meant the identity would need to be super easy to use so everyone could confidently apply the brand to their online channels, including social media and their website. 

She wanted her brand identity to feel:

  • Full of energy and fun (like Lucie is)
  • Outside the box and a bit quirky
  • Reflective of the freedom of a digital nomad lifestyle (with a bit of a Japanese vibe!)
  • Community-minded

I designed a brand identity that is both fun and creative, with a set of illustrations to represent each of FRW’s programs. The FRW team has plenty of different graphic elements and colours to use, plus the creative freedom to play around with everything and create different visuals every day.

To learn more, see the Formation Redaction Web site.

Kind words

Séduite par le travail de Morgane, je l’ai engagée sur la refonte de mon site principal. Ravie de cette première collaboration et de l’identité visuelle qu’elle avait imaginé pour ma marque, je l’ai de nouveau engagée pour un autre projet web : ma plateforme de rédacteurs
Morgane est réactive, toujours à l’écoute et incroyablement talentueuse, la choisir pour mes sites fut sans doute l’une de mes meilleures décisions cette année !

Lucie Rondelet ∼ Founder and Director at Formation Rédaction Web