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TheBBoost is France-based coaching business runned by podcaster, speaker, blogger and business owner Aline Bartoli. Aline helps solopreneurs and small business owners improve their business, find more clients and build a strong and profitable life.




Visual Identity


Paris, France

TheBBoost started with a blog and logo Aline designed herself. She contacted me to help design her brand identity because she was ready to offer new services, including business coaching sessions.

Aline had a very clear vision and she wanted her new identity to look:

  • Minimal and clean
  • Happy and positive
  • Premium and high quality
  • Community-minded and generous

I designed a sparkly and joyful identity that is minimal enough to be able to adapt according to the evolution of the business. In just a few short years, TheBBoost has grown from one person to a full team, and the identity remains on point and adaptable across channels (social media, website, podcast etc).

If you would like a good dose of good vibes and useful tips (in French), you can follow their Instagram account or view the TheBBoost website.

Kind words

Morgane is the best brand designer I have ever worked with. She took the time to really prepare our project, by asking me lots of questions, and bingo ! First proposal was the one. I barely had any feedback to give, everything was perfect already. She is quick, efficient and very talented. I highly recommend her.

Aline Bartoli ∼ Founder and Director at TheBboost