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Alyceum is a leadership development company that helps people explore how they can build and apply their leadership talents to become agents of positive change. Their vision is to revitalise the lyceum (place of learning) movement to ignite leaders to transform the world for the better.




Visual Identity


Perth, Australia

20 years into running her business, with a brand identity that had been working hard for 7+ years, Alyceum’s Founder Alicia Curtis contacted me to help achieve her ambitious 10-year business goals:

  • To become a global education company, welcoming 2000 new participants and an inspiring community of 5000 graduates of the Greater Good Collective. 
  • To use Alyceum’s voice and platform to promote leadership for the greater good.

Alicia was eager to keep the look and feel of her existing brand identity by retaining the colour red, and elevate it so the brand would feel:

  • Contemporary yet classic
  • Energetic and bold
  • Global and universal
  • Grounded in a sense of community

I designed a brand identity that would honour the legacy of the Alyceum brand, whilst guiding it to the next level. Alicia and her team needed to be able to use the graphic elements easily in their social media templates. The identity also needed to give enough creative freedom to the digital agency that would be building the website at the same time.

Alicia wanted to be challenged by the way she saw her business and by designing Alyceum new’s identity, I helped her to see her company with fresh eyes. If you are interested in reading more about Alyceum programs and workshops, visit the brand new Alyceum website.

Kind words

Morgane is a brilliant designer, who I engaged to refresh my business brand. I was amazed at how she took my words, inspirations and vision for my business and turned it into visual identity that will propel it into the future. Morgane is a deep listener and, of course, very creative and clever!

Alicia Curtis ∼ Founder and Director at Alyceum