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Mon Carnet de Rédaction Web

Éditions Vuibert, a prominent French editorial house specialising in books and printed products across various sectors, sought to create a monthly planner for web copywriters, authored by Lucie Rondelet, writer and business owner. The project aimed to align with the visual identity previously designed for Lucie’s business, Formation Rédaction Web, while incorporating surprise and fresh creative ideas. The target audience consisted of Lucie’s students – web copywriters, freelancers, and students learning the job of web copywriting.


Éditions Vuibert


Editorial, Illustration


Paris, France

The design of the monthly planner needed to address specific objectives that catered to the target audience and reflected the collaborative essence of the project:

  • Gender Neutral and Inclusive: Despite the audience’s predominantly feminine nature, the design sought to be gender-neutral and inclusive, appealing to a diverse range of people.
  • Creative and Fun: The planner’s design should exude a sense of creativity and fun, engaging the audience in a delightful manner.
  • Bicolour Printing Challenge: In a remarkable feat, the inside pages were printed in bicolour, despite Lucie’s vibrant and colourful visual identity, ensuring a unique and captivating final product.


Design Approach:

Working closely with the Vuibert team and Lucie, I crafted a lively and innovative monthly planner that would resonate with a broad audience:

  • Tailored Illustrations for Each Month: 12 unique illustrations were created, corresponding to each month’s specific tips and subject matter.
  • Gender-Neutral Illustrations and Icons: While the illustrations possess some feminine touches, they were thoughtfully designed to be inclusive and represent everyone, ensuring a gender-neutral appeal.
  • Playful Template Design: The overall template design exudes playfulness, complementing the handmade journal feel, thereby encouraging users to personalise their planners.
  • Harmony with FRW visual identity and illustration style: The design elements were carefully selected to harmonise with the visual identity of Lucie’s business, Formation Rédaction Web, creating a cohesive experience for readers.


Result and Impact:

The creative and fun monthly planner successfully catered to a wide audience of web copywriters, freelancers, and students. Its gender-neutral and inclusive approach welcomed all users, inviting them to customise and enjoy the planner in their unique way. The use of unique illustrations for each month’s tips added to the planner’s appeal, capturing the essence of Lucie’s quirky vibe. Its successful integration with Lucie’s Formation Rédaction Web’s visual identity strengthened the connection between the planner and her business, creating a consistent and memorable brand experience.



Success in Distribution:

The planner’s appeal and thoughtful design led to its successful distribution in various bookshops throughout France, as well as online. Its popularity among web copywriters and students looking to hone their skills in web copywriting contributed to its commercial success.

To explore and purchase the vibrant and inclusive monthly planner by Vuibert Editions and Lucie Rondelet, please visit this website.